Weird Worlds of Laurie Anderson


O Superman,
O Judge,
O mom and dad.

Laurie Anderson is a storyteller, musician, sound artist, filmmaker, technology artist, and many more.

Her piece “O Superman” is an eeringly beautiful video, performance, and music that is later regarded as an prophetic artwork about 9/11, about fear, about America, and about the Americans.

Much later on she released an album called “Homeland”, a tribute to the overly protective yet overly vulnerable America.

In 2013, her partner and lover, singer of Velvet Underground Lou Reed, passed away. To commemorate, she wrote a beautiful farewell letter to her husband on Rolling Stones. “The purpose of death is the release of love”, she wrote.

Despite her success, (naturally), she speaks in interviews as if she is an artwork herself.

Occasionally, she would say things so calmly; things that are just so painfully real, it hurts.

I’m someone who tend to adore the artists more than the artworks themselves. And as the source of all ideas and poignancy in her works, Laurie Anderson bares herself with honesty and openness that we crave from ourselves.

With gentleness, care, and understanding, she takes the topics of death of her partner and her mom and put them back into the cycle of life, the natural order of things; normalizing and thus, loving each and every process.

I’m someone who likes watching interviews; learning about the way she speaks and responds. And hers are definitely not to be missed.

In the mean time, learn more about her works:

1. O Superman – music, video, performance


Watch her video here.
On Airplanes and wars

2. Heart of a Dog – movie, documentary


On the distorted sense of self. On the past that’s just as vague as our nighttime’s dream. And on the doubtful sense of reality. Watch trailer here.

3. Her farewell letter to Lou Reed.
On letting go and marrying love with death. Read it here.

4. Her interview on Heart of a Dog
On the dream body. Watch it.

5. Her interview with Red Bull Music Academy
On her project in Italy about the prison and prisoners. Watch it.

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