Seeing rain from the third person perspective



One of the most beautiful experiences living in Bali is the local rain, and the chance to see them fall, few feet in front of you.

You watch the land in front you get wet and nourished, while you’re standing on a dry land.

It’s quite a spectacle, a living phenomenon to witness such thing, as if you’re living inside a bubble, while the nature just doing its thing.

I remember just standing there; couldn’t really comprehend what I’m feeling, except for feeling so absorbed and enchanted.

In my head I could sense the water drops to my skin, hydrating the body. And the drenched hair and cold head. And some other delightful memories of being under the rain.

One time, sitting on a balcony 100m from the ground, I saw heavy rain coming down on an island in front of me. And the cloud carrying the water was slowly brushing the island, taking care of the greens. It was really evoking to see that.

It’s pretty spectacular; temporarily immune to the earth’s regular cycle.

Like a god watching over the earthlings.

If we are made slightly more gigantic, we’ll probably going to see the world differently. But I guess there’s a reason why we are made with vast imagination and tiny bodies.

Anyways, if you hapen to see such thing, just take a deep breath.

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