Everyone should be in love with science

I’m starting to believe that it is a mistake, a waste-of-your-life, a sin, to not love maths and science.

Let’s face it. Math is a hardcore subject. And we can’t wrap our head around science subjects that tend to be far from our daily life.

But that’s the thing. My simple logic says: the harder it is, the merrier it’ll be.

And studying science often feels as satisfying as solving a rubik cube.

Universe’s secrets are hidden behind numbers, mathematical rules, and theory of physics. To learn its language is to understand it and unlock its potential. And I find that it is a truly noble thing for anyone to be willing to study science, whether they are just an amateur scientist or a scientist.

The pursuit of learning becomes less about ‘me’ and more about the ‘world’: the future, the humanity, the nature. It’s not about ‘my opinion matters’, but about ‘what is really the truth’.

The pain you have to endure, the names you have to memorize, the shapes you have to recognize, the answers you have to seek; they’re all endearing spirit for anyone to have.

So I find it a bit shameful that we’ve discouraged people from enduring the mathematical puzzles nausea.

Instead of emphasizing the notion that everyone has their own world to strive in, we should say that many things matter. And we have to appreciate them by studying them whole-heartedly when we had the chance.

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