The Consciousness of Ideas

In the world of ideas, the wild imaginations, the controversial edges or the sensuous imageries are probably the most important factor in storytelling,
but I’m learning that timeliness is probably the invisible number one factor.

Elizabeth Gilbert once shared her unusual experience about her story idea that ‘flew’ somewhere else and made a stop in her writer friend’s mind to be explored further, the moment Gilbert decided to stop writing about it. Without each other’s knowledge, they were writing a nearly exact same story. This switch of host body happened when they exchanged kiss. Later on, they found out that the moment Gilbert stopped writing about it was nearly the moment Ann Patchett started developing this idea.

This is the consciousness of ideas — the invisible waves of world-wide consciousness that make certain things happen and others do not. And we don’t have any power in it.

Of course we experience how ideas evolve within us, how we evolve with it or how we don’t evolve with it. When we evolve with it is that we indulge in the idea; be immersed in it, spent time with it, and tried to understand it. The idea grows in us and we grow in then. Other times however, we chose to just let it pass through, simply acknowledging its passing scent.

However, ideas also evolve globally as a perpetual response to the world and human’s consciousness. The ideas that we conceive now might not be possible to be conceived a century ago. Elizabeth Gilbert’s case is one of plenty other inexplicable cases where two strangers conceive similar ideas at roughly the same time. Because of this, I often feel that there’s a certain time limit to ideas; that they can go expired.

In writing diaries, I have a peculiar obsession that bases on the fear that whatever idea I have (whether a story idea, a thought, or an interesting insight), the idea will leave me and claimed by someone else, if I don’t spend time with it. Even more urgently, it feels like these ideas — these electrifying inspirations — choose us when we open ourselves enough than the other way around. And they arrive to us mysteriously, yet fully and generously when they feel that it is the right time.

When is the right time? We won’t know.

As a mortal, time-and-space-bounded beings, we don’t get to choose when those ideas arrive to us. We are simply the land waiting for the rain to pour.

Are there ‘spirits’ that dwell within each of us? Do each of our spirits work together in the spiritual world, collectively striving to maintain the physical world’s balance? I believe so.

Whatever it is, these ‘spirits’, I think, dont like us to hesitate taking the steps forward to grow whatever seeds they have planted. Thinking too much, having doubts, procrastinating, I guess are some form of shoo shoo to these spirits that were going to put trust in us.

At least that’s my take on it!

So, whatever ideas come to mind, be quick and responsive, because they don’t always like to wait!

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