Michelle is a 20 something Indonesian who delights in writing and daydreaming about the world around her. Favorite things to ponder are spirituality, design thinking, branding, cultural identity, religions, and a bit of science. She always calls herself a storyteller, not a writer.

She finished her degree in Minnesota, but always calls San Francisco her second home.
There, she witnessed bright yellow cabs being slowly replaced by Uber cars with young hipster dudes as the drivers. She felt quite lucky to witness that transformation. But then, she decided that pursuing H-1B work visa is too much work, so she flew to Bali almost right away.

She began her study as Sociology major with a focus in Juvenile Delinquency and ended up learning about aliens, religions, and pop culture. She never regretted adding Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature as her second major.

Her current personal project is The Moon Story, a-children-story-for-adults series about our deteriorating relationship with the evening sky. Email to purchase.

Got more questions? Reach her at michelle.anin@gmail.com

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