Introducing The Time Series

I'm fascinated with Time. This thing that rules over our world and limits our life. It's always a question whether it is relative or not. Time is such a big word for me. To me, it encompasses, identity, memory, consciousness, god-likeness, collective consciousness, universal purpose, and even universal truth. It's an enemy to us humans… Continue reading Introducing The Time Series

Afternoon Melodies of Ubud, Bali

There are nights, there are days, there are afternoons. That brief period of time when the city bustle with people rushing home, when day stress melts to evening melancholies, and when reunions with the loved ones take place. Far out from the bustling city life, afternoon in Ubud is a wide range of tropical sounds… Continue reading Afternoon Melodies of Ubud, Bali

The Consciousness of Ideas

In the world of ideas, the wild imaginations, the controversial edges or the sensuous imageries are probably the most important factor in storytelling, but I’m learning that timeliness is probably the invisible number one factor. Elizabeth Gilbert once shared her unusual experience about her story idea that ‘flew’ somewhere else and made a stop in… Continue reading The Consciousness of Ideas

Weird Worlds of Laurie Anderson

O Superman, O Judge, O mom and dad. Laurie Anderson is a storyteller, musician, sound artist, filmmaker, technology artist, and many more. Her piece "O Superman" is an eeringly beautiful video, performance, and music that is later regarded as an prophetic artwork about 9/11, about fear, about America, and about the Americans. Much later on she… Continue reading Weird Worlds of Laurie Anderson