Against Data

Setting: Facebook comment I can understand that seeing numbers give consolation to people. But why should it be? As if data alone already speaks of the truth. On Facebook people are bringing up their own data. “This is more recent,” one said. “This is a much more credible source,” others said. “This is by an… Continue reading Against Data

Space Travel?

The world is full! And we're eyeing on the outer space for our cosmic exodus. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Neil Degrysse Tyson professed an extraordinary claim: we are a 3 dimensional being, and if this dimension is too full, then perhaps, we should travel to the fourth dimension. We’ve got a nice broad… Continue reading Space Travel?

Laurie Anderson: To the Moon

Laurie Anderson is the first and last artist in residence at NASA. An avant-garde electronic musician in the 70s, Laurie received an invitation by NASA in 2003 to create a theatrical piece about space travel. Even though being a space institution, NASA has always had art programs, even as early as Apollo 11. During the… Continue reading Laurie Anderson: To the Moon

Williamina Fleming: From Maid to Stardom

At the dawn of the 19th century, together with Harvard's head of observatory Edward Pickering, Williamina Fleming led the way for a new kind of system to look at the stars. And thus while the old time astronomer clings tenaciously to his telescope for visual observations, astronomical photography is leaving him far behind and almost… Continue reading Williamina Fleming: From Maid to Stardom

Maria Mitchell: The Women who Broke the Glass Ceiling

Long before women can run the world, Maria Mitchell, a woman from a small island in Massachusetts, opened and taught the first class of female astronomers in the US. Born in 1818, decades before women were seen as equal to men, Mitchell knew that women were confined in their seemingly predestined roles, whereas men were… Continue reading Maria Mitchell: The Women who Broke the Glass Ceiling

Stanley Kubrick and Carl Sagan in 2001

David Bowman, an astronaut, had long learned that his mission to Jupiter was to study a possible advanced civilization up close. He was accompanied by HAL the AI computer that runs the spaceship, Gary Lockwood his fellow astronaut, and a few more astronauts under hibernation. But before they even descended anywhere near Jupiter’s orbit, HAL… Continue reading Stanley Kubrick and Carl Sagan in 2001

On those who against Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

Growing up in an era where schools easily isolate science from humanity studies and the arts, it’s easy to forget that scientific principles often begin with a journey within ourselves. Alexander Humboldt, a passionate walker who traversed the mountains of South America while meticulously documenting hundreds of new plants and animal species, spoke on how… Continue reading On those who against Carl Sagan’s Cosmos